Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Classic Movies

Everybody has their Christmas classic movies list. With so many movies to chose from, I am sure that your list isn't anything like mine...or is it.

Why don't we find out?

Here are my top 10 Christmas classic movies from 10 down to number 1.

See if we agree on any of these.

10. Polar Express

The most recent of my top 10 list. This movie, featuring Tom Hanks in 5 different roles is probably the most visually stunning of my whole list. That combined with a moving story makes this a top 10 entry. If you haven't seen it, get the DVD.

9. March Of The Wooden Soldiers

One of the first Christmas movies I ever saw. Laurel and Hardy were wonderful in this delightful adaption of "Babes In Toyland" but it was the beautiful score and enchanting songs that really made this movie shine. I never tire of seeing it.

8. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

For those who think of Boris Karloff as just the guy who played Frankenstein, listen to his narration in this Dr. Seuss classic. When the Grinch finally discovers the true meaning of Christmas, just have to see it.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton is a genius. Without a doubt, one of the most unusual Christmas movies of all time, if not one of the most unusual movies of all time. Jack and Sally are a modern day Romeo and Juliet and make the whole film totally fascinating. This is a must see.

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Honestly, the story is all over the place, which is what makes this such a unique film. When Charlie Brown finally gets taught what Christmas is all about, it's enough to make even this old man cry. Plenty of laughs in this as well, mostly from Snoopy.

5. Miracle On 34th Street

This movie almost makes you believe in Santa Claus. It may be a little dated by today's standards, but it is still a heartwarming story and one that should give hope to people that miracles do indeed happen. Edmund Gwen is superb in this one.

4. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

This is one of those classic movies where I know the dialog from beginning to end. The story was inspired by the song, which quite honestly doesn't compare to this incredible movie. Shows you that sometimes greatness can come from something simple.

3. White Christmas

I even bought the soundtrack for this one. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye are simply wonderful in this classic movie. And the end, when they throw the big surprise on the general...absolutely beautiful. The songs are cute, the story is charming and Crosby and Kaye steal the whole movie. A match made in heaven.

2. A Christmas Carol

Adapted from the story "A Christmas Carol" this would be number 1 were it not for the movie that beat it out. Alistair Sim is flawless in his portrayal of Scrooge. And to see the transformation at the better have a box of Kleenex handy. If you've never seen this, get it...and see one of the greatest movies ever made.

1. It's A Wonderful Life

Without a doubt, the greatest Christmas movie of all time, if not the greatest movie of all time. This may be James Stewart's crowning achievement. He will forever be known as George Bailey and this movie will have more people believing that their lives, with all their problems, is worth living. The end will have you crying buckets of joy. I never tire of seeing this classic and I seriously doubt the day will come when a better movie is made.

If you haven't seen these movies or don't own them (they are all sitting proudly in my DVD case) do yourself a favor and pick them up. I promise you that you won't be sorry.

Oh, and Merry Christmas...everyone.

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